Bundles all the way down


  • John Jameson

Fun and games with D8 Media (coming to core!), with examples from the branding and news content on Princeton.edu

This will be a whirlwind tour to see what's possible and how to make it happen; I'll throw out lots of examples and code samples and try not to overlap too much with Media Explained.

  • What's coming to core? 
  • The site-builder experience of setting up media bundles in D8: how to configure image bundles with things like captions and bylines and oEmbed fields.
  • Theming your bundle's view modes, using the site-builder UI, CSS and your theme's Twig. 
  • Bundles of bundles! Make it easy for your editors to grab groups of media items and display them as slideshows or clusters or galleries or masonry grids or before/after comparators or...and swap back in forth between these layouts right in the node editor.
  • Making your bundles play nice with CKEditor -- tips and tricks to provide your editors with a true WYSIWYG experience.
  • Optimize your bundles for front-end performance using responsive images and lazy loading.

36 view modes

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Who Should Attend

  • Designers
  • Front-end Developers
  • Site Builders