Trainings on Thursday, March 16 at Jadwin Hall in Princeton, New Jersey.

Our full and half day training programs taught by industry experts are an excellent way to sharpen your skills, develop new insights, and tap into a support network for your Drupal projects. Breakfast and lunch are included in the full day ticket price, and each half day ticket has access to either breakfast in the morning or lunch in the afternoon.


  • 9:00 am – Check-in and Breakfast
  • 9:30 am – Full day and morning half day class begins
  • Noon – Lunch
  • 1:30 pm - Afternoon half day class begins
  • 5 pm – Classes end

Full Day (9:30am - 5:00pm)

Meet Drupal 10 (An Introduction to Drupal) - Jadwin A08

Trainer: Matthew Lechleider, ITT Digital

Are you new to Drupal or conferences in general? If so, join us for an introduction to Drupal, its wonderful community, and how to have the best experience at the conference. Drupal 10 is the newest version and we're excited about its brand new features.. If you're familiar with Drupal and need a refresher class because it's your job to manage websites, then this training is for you! If you have Drupal development experience, then please leave room for new users.

Not only will we cover an intro to Drupal 10, but you’ll accomplish a few tasks such as:

  • Play with a free Drupal 10 website
  • Learn how to create and manage content
  • Add users and manage groups with permissions
  • Utilize open-source modules to extend functionality
  • Understand hosting options and their various costs
  • Ask questions and interact with expert trainer

Experience level:      

Who Will Gain the Most From This Training?      
People new to Drupal. Maybe a non-developer employee of an organization that works with Drupal — looking to catch up or someone looking to get started! Training is for users new to Drupal and looking to take first steps.  Anyone with a Drupal background will be bored, but someone who manages a Drupal website for their job might learn a few tips and tricks. Each attendee will receive their own personal website to learn with at the training and will be online up to 30 days after.  Attendee's development sites will be set up ahead of time during the registration process.

Professional Drupal Module Development Tools - Jadwin A06

Trainer: Michael Anello, DrupalEasy

Looking to set up your local development environment with tools necessary to build top-notch Drupal custom modules? In this full-day workshop, Mike Anello, lead instructor of DrupalEasy's 90-hour Professional Module Development course, will help you set up PhpStorm and Visual Studio Code alongside your existing DDEV or Lando installation with all the plugins, extensions, and code quality tools to put you in a position to succeed. Tools covered will include Drupal Coder (phpcs, phpcbf), PhpStan, and Xdebug.

Prerequisites: Either PhpStorm or Visual Studio Code installed. Either DDEV or Lando installed. Comfort on the command line including Drush and Composer.

Experience level:      
Beginner to Intermediate

Who Will Gain the Most From This Training?        
Anyone charged with leading a Drupal project.

Half Day (9:30am - 12:30pm)

Project Management for Today's Drupal Projects - Jadwin A09

Trainers: Ray Saltini and Mandee Englert, FFW

Drupal Development is a specialty and so is Drupal Project Management. What can you do to ensure your next Drupal project is a huge success? Join us for this updated training as we share our experience working with some of the largest and most complex projects ever built and help you understand and implement best practices at every stage of your project. This training is designed to help project managers, product owners, decision-makers, and stakeholders understand how today’s modern Drupal projects pose new challenges and what you need to do differently to get the most out of your platform and services. We’ll go through the various stages of project development from planning to maintenance and provide practical guidance on how you can support your team to deliver the best possible outcomes at each stage.

Experience level:       
Beginner to Intermediate

Who Will Gain the Most From This Training?       
Anyone charged with leading a Drupal project.

Half Day (1:30pm - 4:30pm)

Prepare for the next generation of Google Analytics - Jadwin A09

Trainers: Ray Saltini and Mandee Englert, FFW

Learn the foundations of Google Analytics 4, from creating an account with important setup tips to understanding different implementation methods for Drupal Headless websites utilizing a React framework and for static websites. You will learn how to use the new GA4 reporting and core concepts to gain insights into the different measurement approach to learn more about users, content and campaigns. We will discuss when to connect your data with BigQuery and Segment, and when to bring in help with governance strategies and finding opportunities to scale your analytics.

  • Understand core concepts and best practices for using GA4
  • Learn how to use the basics of the new reporting framework
  • Understand how to implement GA4 for different frameworks using GTM
  • Learn how to map custom events from Universal Analytics (or create new events) to be used in Google Analytics 4
  • Understand how to utilize data streams to collect your app and website data to capture a more holistic view of your user experience
  • Uncover opportunities to use BigQuery and Segment to scale your analytics

You will benefit from this training if you are a decision maker, product owner, digital strategist or marketer looking to create, manage and scale your Google Analytics 4 measurement strategies or looking to engage with third-party experts to help manage your analytics presence.

Experience level:       
Beginner to Intermediate

Who Will Gain the Most From This Training?       
Anyone charged with leading a Drupal project.