Media Explained


  • Daniel Schiavone

As more and more websites rely more heavily on images, video, and other media, having effective ways to manage these assets becomes especially important. In the past media like images and video were added as files with no reference outside of an image tag or the node where they appeared. The Media module creates an “index card” for a file asset so that it can be referenced, managed, and repurposed. For many web developers and content managers Media still represents a major paradigm shift. This session will explain when and why Media should be used then demonstrate how to configure in Drupal 8. 

First we’ll review best practices for getting Media up and running. Then we’ll take a look at the numerous Media Modules available to enhance functionality. We’ll discuss how to make Media more user friendly and how to add the functionality like resizing and cropping images. We’ll look at Video and how to configure players. How to handle responsiveness and cross browser issues with players. And we’ll go over how to setup Media for use in Drupal’s default WYSWYG editor. 

As more the Media module matures and related modules become available there’s more to discover and learn about Media management in Drupal 8. 


  • Discuss reasons for managing file assets with Media
  • Review best practices for setting up Media in Drupal 8
  • Get an overview of the Media related modules availabl

Who Should Attend

  • Content Editors
  • Decision Makers
  • Project Managers
  • Site Builders