You are not a candle; don't burn out


  • Michael Hess
  • Fatima Sarah Khalid

This session will cover a topic near and dear to our hearts: How to juggle multiple complex IT projects without losing our balance. We’ll get real about distractions that we cause ourselves through unexamined habits or suboptimal work practices, and we’ll talk about how some basic Agile principles can support better work-life balance. We’ll also tackle how to recognize some systemic issues in a technical work environment, such as technical debt, and make a connection between small choices in our daily work-lives and big problems that snowball over time. This session will be fun, practical, and a little bit cathartic. Participants will leave with concrete examples of what they can do in their own organizations to increase the quality of work and the happiness of their employees.

Who Should Attend

  • Content Editors
  • Everyone
  • Front-end Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Sys Admins