Using Vue.js to create rich, interactive content listings


  • Brian Osborne

Traditionally, Drupal developers have relied on the Views module to display content listings on their sites. While Views offers enormous flexibility for many use cases, it can sometimes be challenging to bend it to do exactly what you want, especially with regards to rich, interactive interfaces for filtering and sorting the content.

This session introduces an alternative solution using Vue.js, a Javascript framework that has exploded in popularity in recent years. I will provide a brief introduction to Vue.js and walk through some ways it can be used to create advanced content filtering interfaces using Drupal and other data sources.

While this session will not provide a deep look into Vue.js (this is not possible in 45 minutes), I will explain the high level concepts, show code snippets, and demonstrate how we (Web Development Services at Princeton) have used it on several projects.

Who Should Attend

  • Back-end Developers
  • Front-end Developers
  • Site Builders