Use a Meta Tag Strategy and Drupal to Look Your Best on Social Media


  • Christian Knoebel

The smallest details in your content strategy can have some of the biggest impacts. We'll look at how Princeton University leverages its newly redesigned Drupal 8 site ( with a meta tag content strategy to tell stories consistently across digital platforms -- from web to social media. Topics in this session include:

  1. How and why meta tags fit within an overall content strategy
  2. How to choose the right meta tags for maximum social media impact
  3. How to configure Drupal to publish meta tags (modules: D8 core, Token, Metatag modules)
  4. Gotchas to avoid

This session is based on a blog post I wrote on the subject (How We Used a Meta Tag Strategy and Drupal to Look Our Best on Social Media) and a subsequent talk I gave at Princeton to social media professionals.)

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Who Should Attend

  • Content Editors
  • Decision Makers
  • Site Builders


  1. Understanding of social media, specifically Facebook and Twitter
  2. Some familiarity with web content strategy (I'll spend time on this, but not be comprehensive beyond meta tags)