A Survey of Emerging Technologies That Complement Drupal


  • Adam Bergstein

This presentation is a high-level survey of emerging technologies that complement Drupal. Drupal can do a lot of things well, but, Drupal is also capable of working with best of breed tools thanks to its robust framework and vast set of contributed modules. We explore how this integration occurs for some promising technologies.

We have selected new and popular technologies that solve impactful problems commonly found when creating Drupal implementations. We describe why each technology should be considered. We share the separation of responsibilities between the technologies and Drupal with a focus on circumstances in which the technology should be adopted. And, finally, we present potential approaches for solutions that leverage both Drupal and the emerging technology in a complementary manner.

The emerging technologies we will explore are:

  1. Hubspot and marketing automation/CRM

  2. ElasticSearch and search/log management/visualization

  3. Cypress.io and modern JavaScript testing

  4. GraphQL/Schemata and decoupled web services

  5. Pattern Lab and design systems

  6. Gatsby.JS and static site generation

Attendees can expect to learn high-level capabilities of the emerging technologies and ideas on how to use them in concert with Drupal. This talk would be ideal for architects, business analysts, or systems integrators passionate about understanding Drupal’s place within a larger enterprise of tools.

Who Should Attend

  • Back-end Developers
  • Front-end Developers
  • Site Builders