Semantic Site Building


  • Jody Hamilton

I'd like to help you think about the art of designing a Drupal data structure and interface.

I often take on projects in which the process seemed to be:

  • A designer works with a client team and delivers mockups
  • The designs are handed off to an development team who was not involved in the strategy
  • The developers manage to wrangle Drupal into meeting the requirements of the designs
  • The CMS gets handed off to editors. They find it to be obtuse and not user friendly.

The job of a Drupal development team is not to just make the site look like the designs. We are the architects of the CMS, the strategists of the backend.

How can we make a great CMS, one that the editors find intuitive and simple? One that the developers immediately understand and is easy to maintain?

Let's start with semantics.

The usability and maintainability of a CMS is closely tied to the semantic sense of the architecture.  Let's go back to the basic definitions in the Drupal Vocabulary and follow their lead to designing an intuitive structure.

Who Should Attend

  • Back-end Developers
  • Designers
  • Front-end Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Site Builders


Knowledge of Drupal's CMS Concepts.

Experience with bad CMS structures that frustrate all who use them.