Security in Drupal: what can go wrong?


  • Benji Fisher

Let's "get off the island" and look at Drupal security from the point of view of an outsider.

The OWASP Top Ten is an industry standard list of the most common vulnerabilities that can affect web sites. This session will start with an overview of the Top Ten, and then take a more detailed look at a few of these vulnerabilities. We will review some actual Drupal security advisories:

  • What the vulnerability looks like
  • How the Drupal security team communicates the problem
  • The code that was updated to fix the problem

The presenter is a provisional member of the Drupal security team.


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Who Should Attend

  • Everyone


Everyone should care about the security of their web sites.

A few of the slides will show code snippets. You will need to understand PHP in order to appreciate these slides.