Scope & Execute a Drupal Project without Hitch. Communicate!


  • Etienne Engasser
  • Jigar Mehta

Pulling off a Drupal project can be difficult and might require more than only Drupal expertise. Even a one-page project can create tension in a team for many reasons:

  • Unclear requirements

  • Improper communication

  • Multiple languages

  • And so much more!

In this talk, we will discuss why communication breaks down during a project and how we can make things better. We will talk about questions that should be asked at various phases of a project in order to ensure that all requirements are well-defined and understood by everyone involved in the project, starting from the client all the way to your developers.

In this session, we will go through things like:

  • What does the client want and how to document those requirements?

  • How developers see things and how to speak to them?

  • How the client sees things and how to communicate with them?

  • What to do and what not to do to make your communication better

  • The key questions that define a project: Why? When? How? Who? What? Where?

  • How communication helps when it's time to estimate

  • Tips to improve your communication

Who Should Attend

  • Decision Makers
  • Everyone
  • Project Managers