Migrating 10,000 Classic Books to Drupal 8: A Princeton University Press Case Study


  • Alex Dergachev
  • Jigar Mehta

We will present a case study of our work-in-progress of migrating press.princeton.edu to Drupal 8. In the first phase, we have created a migration script to move over 10,000 published works and 40,000 related entities published over many decades into Drupal, and a content audit of tens of thousands of static HTML pages that has accumulated over the years. We will describe the technical and business motivations for the project, provide a technical overview of the Drupal migration, and of the the process challenges in dealing with this volume of content. Finally, we will describe the technical and performance challenges we overcame when setting up a nightly sync job under the constraints of the Pantheon hosting platform. 

Who Should Attend

  • Everyone


This talk will discuss our technical architecture for an enterprise-level content migration, our data analysis process, and the approach we took to project management, QA, and deployment. While it's not a "developer"-targeted talk, it will have a good mix of technical and project management lessons relevant for anyone involved with running an enterprise-level Drupal web development project.