Judging a book by its cover - how inclusive is your community?


  • Alanna Burke

When it comes to issues of diversity and inclusion, appearances matter. A newcomer looking at an open-source community or project for the first time is going to make judgments based on what they see - on your website, on social media, at events, and what they hear from people who represent your community, either officially or unofficially. So, how are they judging your community? You may feel that you’ve done a lot of work to make your community welcoming to a diverse population, but if that initial look turns someone off, you may have lost them forever. 

In this session, we’ll talk about what you should be paying attention to, and how you can make sure your community is a welcoming place for all. We’ll go over things like:

  • Leadership and how leaders are presented.
  • Who is speaking at your events?
  • Codes of Conduct.
  • Does your community have a clear path to resolving conflict?
  • How are issues in the community handled and publicized?
  • Social media and comment policies.
  • Your unofficial leaders and how they shape your community.


This talk is appropriate for all specialties and skill levels. 


Who Should Attend

  • Everyone