Introducing the Event Registration Module: Event Registration powered by Drupal Commerce


  • Rich Gerdes

There is no easy way to handle event registrations in Drupal. This requires either the use of external platforms for managing event registrations, custom programming to add payments to an existing registration module, or complex configuration and site building to leverage existing commerce modules to use products to track attendees. This either means complected setup or the user of external information. Drupal is designed to solve problems, not create them.

The Event Registration module is a new module for Drupal 9, which combines the Event module with Drupal Commerce. This module is being created to bridge the gap between commerce and managing events within Drupal, without the complex setup of previous implementations. The goal is to handle everything from different ticket types, checkout for paid tickets, reporting on attendees, event check-in, and countless other features which can be built with Drupal.

Out of the box, the event registration module is intended to provide new entities for tickets type and attendee information. Interfaces to report on registered attendees and handle event check-in. Combined with the power of Drupal, we can provide virtual events resources and a rich online experience for event attendees. The module could be used as the basis for a variety of websites, including free and paid events, trainings, conferences, and even Drupal Camps or Drupal Con.

We'll cover some of the alternatives and motivations for the module and cover basic setup of the module and how its used within a build. We'll cover the setup of the Event Registration module including the basic configuration of Drupal Commerce and the Event module.

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Who Should Attend

  • Back-end Developers
  • Everyone
  • Front-end Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Site Builders


Basic knowledge of Drupal site building will help with understanding the setup process but isn't required.