Drupal’s Scariest Things


  • Ray Saltini
  • David Hernandez

What keeps you up at night? Whether you’re a marketing or digital manager, SME or tech lead, the internet can be a scary place. 

We’ve polled our devs and project stakeholders and we’ve got a list we’re pretty sure will make the most experienced Drupalist shudder. We’ll talk about updates, deployments, integrations and more as well as how to face your fears head-on, armed with best practices and proactive tactics.

This session is for everyone that’s ever worried about crashing on the launchpad, been upended by an update, confused by Composer, or lost faith about leaping to a new platform, join us as we come together to talk through our experiences about becoming friends with the monster under the bed.

Come prepared to share the things that scare you the most!

Who Should Attend

  • Everyone


Every effort will be made to keep our content as robust and accessible as possible for both experienced Drupalists and newcomers.