Drupal.org GitLab Acceleration Update


  • Neil Drumm

The team behind Drupal.org began a study of developer tools in 2017, migrated our backend services to GitLab in 2019, and has ramped up to enable merge requests for the project in 2020. Now we’re working on making GitLab CI available and using GitLab for issues. We’re not taking the tools right off the shelf, we’re tuning them to the Drupal community’s collaboration style. Join us for this session to learn about the initiative.

The Drupal community has a single-threaded collaboration style, with multiple contributors, that has unique benefits in a world where contribution for other open source projects often means forks-of-forks-of-forks. By building an integration of GitLab into Drupal.org’s existing issue queue, we’re preserving that collaboration, while gaining the benefits of GitLab’s fork & branch management, merge requests, code review tools, and GitLab CI.

In this session we’ll review our observations of the way the Drupal community collaborates, and talk about how that is informing our integration of GitLab into the Drupal community’s workflow. Since GitLab is increasingly-widely used, and rapidly adding features, there is an opportunity to integrate additional tools and workflows, to help increase the velocity of Drupal.

At the end of this talk, we’ll have an open feedback session where we’ll answer your questions and take your suggestions for further enhancements to our tools. 

Who Should Attend

  • Everyone