Drupal for your Data: From Spreadsheet to Web App in 45 minutes


  • Jody Hamilton
  • John Kaeser
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Are there some Excel or Google Spreadsheets that are critical to your organization? Spreadsheets are easy to make and easy to edit, but when you hit their limitations it’s time for a database-driven web app. Sounds like a big project? Drupal makes it easy.

In this session we will build a web app with Drupal 8 to replace a realistic spreadsheet workflow. Folks of all experience levels are likely to pick up new tricks from watching a pro at the keys.

Attendees will hopefully leave inspired to find ways Drupal could help their organization or client organization manage data. Site builders and developers will have new or refined approaches to try.

For some additional reading on when Drupal can be a good fit for taking over a spreadsheet workflow, see https://www.zivtech.com/blog/drupal-not-just-your-marketing-site

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Who Should Attend

  • Everyone