Drupal Project Estimation, for Fun and Profit


  • Alex Dergachev
  • Rukmini Halliwell

Being able to accurately estimate the time required to develop a given product or feature is a crucial skill for every Drupal developer. As an industry, we are constantly plagued with software overruns, and whether you are on the buying or selling side of a web development project, a mature estimation process can make the difference between project success and failure.

We will discuss the mysterious art of software estimation, drawing both from classic literature (McConnel's Software Estimation, Brooks' Mythical Man Month) and from our experience of over a decade in Drupal development at Evolving Web. We will also show our basic Drupal estimation spreadsheet model, which takes as inputs various factors such as the number of content types, number of expected pages, content migration, and other Drupal specific parameters.

Who Should Attend

  • Back-end Developers
  • Decision Makers
  • Everyone
  • Project Managers