Drupal Contributions - A Pragmatic Approach to the Issue Queue


  • AmyJune Hineline

Come for the code, stay for the community.

Drupal thrives on community contributions in the form of patches and documentation to both contributed modules and core. This helps the project move forward and stay relevant.

Not everyone who works on open source projects is a senior developer. Smaller tasks help people increase confidence and gain experience, which, in turn, leads to more contributions. The code is very important, but so are all the other parts. Contributing back to Drupal helps folks to become better developers. A more polished Drupal leads to a better overall experience.

But how does one become a contributor? Together we’ll discuss what we can do as a community to help foster new contributors and keep the ones we already have.

There will also be a lightning round demonstrating the process of creating an issue, writing a patch, uploading the fix to Drupal.org, and then reviewing the patch for RTBC (reviewed and tested by the community). We'll even take a look at the upcoming GitLab contribution process because specific tools and processes change over time.

About the speaker:

AmyJune Hineline has been an active participant in the Drupal community for 3 years. A self-described "non-coder", she has been a top 20 contributor to the Drupal project two years in a row. She has a passion for teaching others how to become involved in more ways than "just" code.

She is an active organizer of the A11yTalks meet-up and is passionate about accessible information for all. Along with awareness, there is acceptance and action...

Who Should Attend

  • Everyone


  • A willingness and enthusiasm to contribute back to the Drupal project
  • VERY basic knowledge of the command line is helpful but not required