Build Back Better - with the Migrate API


  • Benji Fisher

When bringing data into Drupal, do not settle for faithfully copying the source. Make the Drupal version better than the original!

The Migrate API in Drupal 8+ is a robust, flexible way for bringing data into Drupal. That includes building a new Drupal site based on an existing site (other system or earlier version of Drupal). It also includes recurring data imports (feeds).

This session looks at several examples: what can be done and how to do it with the Migrate API:

  1. Use Editor styles
  2. Structure unstructured content
  3. Update links in body text
  4. Update from Drupal 7 Media

The presenter is one of the co-maintainers of the Migrate API (a.k.a. the migration subsystem in Drupal core).


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Who Should Attend

  • Back-end Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Site Builders


Anyone who has thought about building a web site can appreciate the "what can be done" part. It helps to have familiarity with content editing and/or site building in Drupal.

The "how to do it" parts of the talk are aimed more at developers.