Any Content Site can be Migrated to Drupal: I'll show you How


  • Jorge Diaz

Do you know that if your website runs in Drupal, it is like if it were guaranteed and maintained by 100,000+ developers, web architects and security specialists from all around the world? That is like 8-times the “Apple 1” building (yes, the huge circled one in Cupertino, California) full of people taking care that your website runs smoothly and securely. For sure the website owners at NASA,, Le Figaro, the Australian Government and more than a million other websites know it.

That's because they all use Drupal.

So, have you ever had doubts if your website could be ported or migrated to Drupal? 

In this session, Jorge Diaz from Evolving Web, will present how 4 completely different websites were migrated (and even integrated) to/with Drupal. He will go into detail from the original legacy website to the final and end product.

What will you learn from this session

While you will have a specific section for Q&A at the end of the presentation, you will certainly learn:

  • The process to migrate any content website into Drupal 9. 
  • How real life projects, indeed, were executed to complete the migrations.
  • The most popular modules involved.
  • How most complex website structures are migrated.
  • How to estimate a Drupal 9 migration project.

If you have questions about your site and want to bring it up to the public during the presentation, we would love to show everyone how it could be migrated, too.

About the Presenter

Jorge Diaz is a 2016 Acquia Certified Grand Master Developer currently working as Drupal Front-end Developer & Themer at Evolving Web, a Montreal-based company that specializes on Drupal, WordPress and Website creation/migration.

He has more than 15 years of experience delivering Drupal based General Purpose solutions for different sectors such as Job Boards, Product Portfolios, Geo Coding, Real Estate solutions, E-Commerce, Classifieds, Corporate and online Magazines/Newspapers.

Jorge is also the author of "Car Leasing Done Right" & Founder of LeaseCosts Canada, a popular tool used by millions of Canadians every year to explore car leasing options all across the country (also built with Drupal 9)

He has presented at many DrupalCamps and DrupalCons, especially in North America:

  • Speaker at DrupalCamp Ottawa 2018
  • Speaker at DrupalCamp Ottawa 2017
  • Speaker at Design4Drupal Boston 2017
  • Speaker at DrupalCamp Montreal 2017
  • Assistant Trainer & Attendee at DrupalCon Baltimore 2017
  • Trainer at MidCamp Chicago 2017
  • Speaker at DrupalCamp New Jersey 2017
  • Speaker at NYC Camp 2016 in New York
  • Speaker at DrupalCamp Ottawa 2016.
  • Trainer & Speaker at DrupalNorth 2016
  • Speaker at MidCamp Chicago 2016
  • Speaker at DrupalCamp NYC 2016
  • Speaker at DrupalCamp Montreal 2015
  • Speaker at DrupalCamp Ottawa 2015
  • Speaker at DrupalCamp Toronto 2014
  • Attendee at DrupalCamp Montreal 2014
  • Attendee at DrupalCon Prague 2013.

Who Should Attend

  • Content Editors
  • Decision Makers
  • Designers
  • Everyone
  • Front-end Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Site Builders