The Admin UX Study - What do Content Editors Want?


  • Suzanne Dergacheva

Over the past year, the Drupal UX study group has been working on gathering information about how content editors use Drupal. We're doing user research to help inform improvements to the Drupal admin UI. Our goal is to make Drupal an amazing platform for site administrators. Our first priority is the user experience of content editors.

We asked content editors what they thought of the Drupal Admin UI and how it could be improved. We’ve also been conducting user studies to see how editors use Drupal and other CMS’s.

In this talk, I’ll walk though what we’ve learnt so far and how this feeds into the work being done on the Admin UI and other initiatives. Learn about the user research and testing process we've been following. Discover what Drupal looks like from a content editor's perspective and how this can help us build a better admin UI today and in the future.

Who Should Attend

  • Everyone