Building Component-Based Websites with Drupal and Pattern Lab


In the last couple of years, component-based websites have become very popular because they solve many of the longstanding problems related to content strategy, content editing, brand consistency and flexible theming strategies. Pattern Lab is a static site generator that supports thoughtful, pattern-driven user interfaces using atomic design principles. A subset of the Drupal community has been working hard to simplify the integration between Pattern Lab and Drupal 8, and is actively sharing those strategies through useful tools. Furthermore, some teams are using the exact same Pattern Lab templates to not only power their Drupal sites, but also to drive interfaces from other systems like Wordpress or React. 

If you haven't heard the buzz about PatternLab, or if you're already leveraging it in your Drupal 8 theme, come to this BOF to see a range of Pattern Lab integrated Drupal sites in action, and to talk through lessons learned from adopting this workflow.