Headless Drupal Development


This BoF will be to discuss as a group headless development in Drupal and how we're all using Webcomponents and other frameworks (Vue, React, Preact, Angular).

Questions we'll discuss as a group to see what everyone is doing:

  • Are you doing headless development or is it on your roadmap for the next 6 months?
  • What problems are you running into with it if you are? What's keeping you from doing it if you aren't? What projects have you pulled off with it (scale wise, both your shop and the client)?
  • Do you use webcomponents or another framework in your setup? Why / Why not?
  • What call structure are people using? (GraphQL, REST, custom data feed, JSON API, etc)
  • Have you used ContentaCMS (a D8 distro) or JSON API or RestWS (D7) or a custom configuration of Drupal to do Headless / Hybrid?

This discussion will be facilitated by members of the ELMS:LN community that have been doing headless and hybrid Drupal development for the last year entirely in webcomponents. We are interested to see if others are using them or want to learn more about the guts of the standard and it's implications for Drupal and CMSs at large.