How to prevent losing money resulting from poor pre-sales scoping


Discussion topics

  • Clients expect discovery to be done for free without realizing how it affects scoping quality and subsequent delivery quality. 

  • Clients collect pitches and force multiple shops doing the same scoping effort for them upfront. 

  • How can we consistently sell discovery? 

    • Holistic estimating to set projects up for success? 

    • Poor scoping is a double-edge sword that doesn’t only damage provider business, but also trickles down to client. 

    • Paid discovery as a risk management tool. 

  • How can we improve the market environment where discovery is expected to cost money, regardless of what shop clients go with? 

  • What is discovery-done-right? 

    • What should the result of discovery look like?

    • Prototyping as part of discovery?

    • What is the required level of detail in discovery?

    • Grades of discovery: what should be done for free and what needs to be paid? 

    • Value engineering in discovery.

  • Terms to rebrand discovery, make it sound more useful? 

    • Solution Engineering

    • Sprint Zero

Who will be interested? 

  • Feels like this is a global topic that should attract both engineers and business. Solution Engineers, Sales, Founders, Producers/PMs.