You Are Not a Fraud!


  • Dori Kelner

According to a 2018 report by Blind, 58% of tech employees experience imposter syndrome. Despite your achievements, you may experience self-doubt about your capabilities and feel undeserving of your accomplishments. You are constantly doubting your competency. How is it possible that even after so many years at work – with all your success, accolades, and promotions – you still feel uncomfortable in your abilities?

We often try to overcompensate for these feelings of inadequacy by either working longer and harder, or by procrastinating, or through perfectionism. This leads to anxiety and burnout. We are literally adding unneeded pressure to a career that is already fast-paced and stressful. Having experienced this through much of my career, I can relate to how imposter syndrome impacts our mental health daily.

The truth is, you are perfectly capable of doing your work. Your success is not due to luck and your achievements have value. But your mind isn’t playing along. In this session, we will discuss the science of mind games that lead to imposter syndrome. You will learn strategies for how to regain control of your thoughts to celebrate growth and success. Join us on a journey that will impact your career for a lifetime.

Many successful people experience imposter syndrome. Discover why this is a construct of the mind, and learn strategies for feeling aligned with your capabilities and self-worth.

Who Should Attend

  • Everyone


Attendees will get the most out of this session if they are experiencing imposter syndrome and are ready for change, or if they manage a tech team.