Package Manager: Powering Automatic Updates and Project Browser to Drupal's easy Composer future


  • Ted Bowman
  • Adam Globus-HOenich

With Drupal 8’s adoption of Composer, the Drupal community joined the larger PHP community in adopting PHP’s default package manager. While this brought about many benefits, such as Drupal 8 being built using many libraries that we don’t have to build and maintain by ourselves, it has not been without pain for the Drupal ecosystem and especially Drupal site builders. The Automatic Updates and Project Browser initiatives have the potential to be game changers in lessening the learning curve and maintenance burden that Composer has presented to many Drupal users and would-be users.

These modules will allow site builders to install and update Drupal projects through the user interface without having to deal with Composer at all. These modules handle the complexities of Composer through a behind-the-scenes module called Package Manager. In this session you will learn more about how Package Manager facilitates Composer operations and how you can integrate programmatically with it to customize the Automatic Updates and Project Browser experiences. You will also learn how you can create your own modules that use Package Manager to create custom Composer based functionality.

Who Should Attend

  • Back-end Developers
  • Sys Admins


Basic Drupal site administration